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Thorndike, The Original Nature of Man, 15, etc. Evidently it could do so only under two conditions. Hares, Introduction to the Study of Sociology, ; B. This traditional element in child-care is particularly likely to be mistaken for instinct. It may also sometimes be an expanded individual valuation for individual ends which dominates and directs, but the general tendency of evolution is for the socially determined value complex to dominate and denominate the individual's activity and his conception of ends.

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It is equally unthinkable that she should instinctively foresee in definite or indefinite imagery the specific modern-day learned acts which would conduce to child welfare, since she could not possibly have inherited neural structures as a basis for such perceptions.

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It is absurd to think of the primitive mother possessing an instinctive abstract conception of child welfare to serve as a basis for the future development of her child-caring activities, for such abstraction must always be the result of a synthesis of concrete experiences which antedate the abstract concept which itself originates by synthesis from them. Thorndike, The Original Nature of Man, 15, etc. The former is possibly more nearly the correct interpretation, since walking frequently appears to come too suddenly into the organized activity of the child for it to be a learned or reconstructed activity. The dominance is, therefore, to be viewed from the object or social result end rather than from the biological inheritance or instinctive end. If we examine the other assumption that the affective attitude represents a general or a specific desire for the welfare of the child and therefore leads to the development of each and every technique for securing it, scientific as well as nonscientific, we must ask, What is the content of this desire for welfare? When it is stated that these activity series or complexes are organized on the basis of environmental pressures, it is not maintained that they necessarily originate exclusively in contemporary interests.

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