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While the Swedish navy employs a more traditional approach centred on vessels equipped with both sensors and weaponry, supported by helicopters and some underwater listening stations at strategic places, the Finnish tactic is based around the fact that our coastal waters are shallow and broken up by numerous islands and shoals. It may also be that the idea came from Ocean X Team themselves, and that Russian state propaganda simply decided to take advantage of the opportunity. To begin with, the obvious case is that both non-aligned nations in northern Europe have seen their waters intruded upon by an unknown nation within the time span of less than a year curiously enough, none of the NATO-states have reported the same thing. The details of the sinking have been known [ 123 ], but the exact location of the wreck has so far not been determined. A noteworthy feature is the reaction of Russian media.

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Wikimedia Commons A far more likely explanation than ineptitude is that the whole thing is a PR-stunt made to bring publicity and hard cash to the team, something that is supported by the poor financial state of the company.

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Detta gör realistiska ubåtsjaktövningar mycket sällsynta, vilket naturligtvis har en avgörande effekt på fartygsbesättningarnas förmåga att effektivt använda till buds stående medel för att lokalisera och bekämpa fientlig undervattensverksamhet. Av det skälet har två svenska bloggare och en finsk bloggare skrivit detta inlägg gemensamt. Rauma-klassen genomgick en halvtidsmodifiering som blev klarvilken avsevärt har höjt dess ubåtsjaktförmåga. Den finska gränsbevakningen har tillgång till två stycken Dornier DO utrustade med radar och elektro-optik. This will be the first time the Finnish Navy operates torpedoes after they were banned during negotiations post-World War II. Båtar med förnödenheter till de olika grupperna på land och i båtarna pilar av och an för att leverera varm mat och reservdelar till de olika grupperna. Still, contact was renewed around

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